Diffing and RDF

If you’re reading this, you’re probably reading this on Monologue, and that means I’ve successfully added myself to Monologue. 🙂

Recently I got a helpful bug report for my Diff library for C# which pointed out that my port of Perl’s Algorithm::Diff wasn’t generating the same diffs as the original module. I fixed the bug and reposted a new version of the library.

In unrelated news, I’m working on building the semantic web for information about the U.S. government. This is a spin-off of my work on GovTrack (which is powered by Mono). To get this web built, I’m in the position of having to convince people that RDF is the right way to approach the problem of distributed information — over, for instance, XML, XML Schema, and XQuery. The problem is that RDF is complicated and often misunderstood, and I hadn’t found a good document explaining what RDF is and why it should be used for this. So, I wrote one. I’m not a master of RDF by any means, so any corrections and suggestions are welcome.

By the way, if you’re interested in building this political semantic web, join the GovTrack mail list.

Lastly, with my new interest in RDF, I was looking for a good C# library for working with RDF data models. I didn’t find one that I particularly liked (there are a few ones out there, but for various reasons I just couldn’t see myself using them), so I’m working on my own. I’ll post the source in a few weeks, probably.

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