Personal Democracy Forum

Real ID post follow-up

I may have been a bit harsh in my last post about Real ID bloggers not pointing people to the text of the legislation. Seems that they were, at least one that Miguel was linking too. Whoops.

Personal Democracy Forum

So, yesterday I attended the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC.
Overall I give it an “eh,” but I think it accomplished pretty well what
it set out to do. It’s just that I was hoping for something a little
bit different. I arrived late (thanks to Amtrak delays) and left
early, so it was quite an expensive few hours for GovTrack.

part of the conference that I attended can pretty much be summed up as
“lots of people blog, and they blog about, and affect, politics.” It
was very retrospective. I would have like to see more discussion on forward-looking ideas, like Participatory Politics’s Internet TV platform, integrating blogs and the Semantic Web, bluring the distinction between bloggers and the mainstream media, and on.

More, including the things that I liked about the conference, on the GovTrack blog.

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