SemWeb RDF Library for C#

Semantic Web/RDF Library for C#

I’ve just posted the first release of my SemWeb library, written in C# for Mono and .NET, at
* Simple API; easy to deploy; no platform-specific dependencies.
* Reading and writing RDF/XML, Turtle, NTriples, and most of Notation 3, at around 20,000 statements/second.
* All operations are streaming, so it should scale.
* Two built-in types of RDF stores: an in-memory hashtable-indexed store for small amounts of data and an SQL store with MySQL and SQLite backends for large amounts of data.
* Creating new SQL-based stores takes minutes, and implementing other types of stores is as simple as extending an abstract class.
* Statements are quads, rather than triples, with the fourth ‘meta’ field left for application-specific uses.
I’ve been using SemWeb to push around the 7 million triples created by
GovTrack (shameless plug).

Directory of C# Libraries

I had hoped to time the release of SemWeb with the debut of a new website I’m working on that will be a really great directory of Mono/.NET reusable, open source libraries. But, I need to get some other people’s libraries listed, besides my own, before finishing the site. If you’ve written a C# library that you think others would find useful, please let me know.

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