Putting his money where his mouth is

Given my last post lamenting on the costs of running a campaign, I’m really happy to read that Edwards is accepting public financing [NYTimes.com] for the primaries, in return for a spending cap around $50 million.

Now, I HATE reporting that fails to put numbers in perspective. Is $50 million a lot or a little? The article linked above should have reported the usual amount of campaign spending that goes on today. Looking at the fund raising for the 2004 elections on CRP, Bush and Kerry raised around $300 million for the primaries.

I was initially going to write that this is the second bad reporting of numbers in the Times this week, but then I figured I’d leave out the comment. But then I see at the bottom of the article that David Leonhardt contributed to the report– he was the reporter behind the other article I had in mind, He’s Happier, She’s Less So, which reported that women are less happy than men. Sadly, that notion was basically completely made up somewhere along the road to being reported. The scientific article that that was based on reported lots of confusing things, but in that was that fact that men and women are for all practical concerns equally happy.

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