The newest advocacy org.: the Oversight committee

Advocacy organizations are, to some degree, defined by mobilizing a community to take some action. One thing they tend to do is conclude a message with something like “To take action, call your congressperson at [phone number].” Sometimes I find that kind of off-putting because it seems like all they want to accomplish is what in the tech world is called a distributed denial of service attack, where a service (in this case a congressional office) is tried to be taken off line by an attack from many sources (in this case the constituents), somehow independently organized. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit too negative.)

This just in from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform RSS feed:

On October 8, 2007, the American Spectator printed a fictitious story alleging that Congressman Waxman and the House Oversight Committee were investigating conservative and Republican talk show radio programs….

The American Spectator should immediately retract its report and apologize for the confusion its fictitious report has caused. Moreover, anyone concerned about the false reporting should contact the American Spectator at (703)807-2011 to register your views.

Since when was the Oversight committee in the business of mobilizing a group to take action?

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