Steve King introduces a new bill with a bit of Internet-transparency thrown in

Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, has introduced a new bill that has a clause specifically about Internet-based transparency. (We know King from his bill H.R. 170: Sunlight Act of 2007, parts of which I think were integrated into the passed ethics reform bill. One part that wasn’t integrated was a provision to have bills posted online for 48 hours before their consideration.) His new bill is H. Res. 776: Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to require that rescission bills always be considered under open rules every year, and for other purposes.

This bill, like most of the 12 others he has introduced this year, takes a classical conservative position, here trying to reduce government spending. The real point of the bill is expressed best in one of its findings clauses:

Whereas a rescissions bill, which would cut Federal spending, should be brought to the House floor at the beginning of every fiscal quarter to give Congress the opportunity to cut and cancel unnecessary, wasteful, and bloated government spending to eliminate the deficit;

But the interesting part for us is:

Whereas the process of cutting spending should be open to the public, by posting this spending cutting bill and its amendments on the Internet, so that Americans can exercise their right to contact their Members of Congress and make their views known

It has a variant of the 48-hours language from his other bill applied specifically to rescission bills.

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