The intersection of civics & technology

Our community is growing rapidly these days. And while TransparencyCamp gave us a physical place to come together a few weeks ago, we’re still a little nomadic in the online world.

We’re also a very diverse group. The fact that we all often have to cross-post to the same set of lists indicates that we’ve got great inner communities that focus separately on coding, policy, social media, etc. is meant to be a neutral-ground home for the coder community in the open government world. Really, it’s just a links page. But it’s a links page with a nice Drupal theme you can proudly point to and say “this is my movement”. “Hacking” is, of course, a word with several meanings. In the programming world it is very much a positive term meaning something like “creative programming”.

The site is running Drupal and anyone that creates an account can edit any content on the site. So, it’s basically a new wiki.

Right now you can find:


Links to the primary convergence locations for this community, the Sunlight Labs and PoliParsers mail lists, the IRC channel #transparency, the Planet oGosh blog aggregator, the oGosh Facebook group, and the Upcoming Transparency Events page on the OpenCongress wiki.

Links to all of the other mail lists for our community (all of the one’s I’ve mailed here and some others).

Data & APIs

Then beginnings of a list of the databases and APIs that are available for government transparency data. If you’re a data source, add yourself to the list or make sure I got your entry correct, please.


Links to ongoing projects broken down by type-

– Open-source coding projects like OpenCongress and Sunlight’s
Fifty States.

– Policy projects like Open House/Senate.

– Wiki projects like the new Wired gov data wiki.

It was everything I could come up with quickly. I’ll be adding more as I see them, but feel free to add your own project.


Using a Drupal module you can enter the community’s IRC channel #transparency through the website.

Blog Aggregator

Recently I announced Planet oGosh, an aggregator bringing together a whole bunch of blogs in the open government tech community. I’m changing the URL to

Final Notes

Thanks to Kendall Clark for donating the domain name.

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