How Not To Write an Article

I just read what I consider the worst article I’ve ever read. It’s Creative Commons Humbug by John Dvorak. Dvorak’s point is to show why Creative Commons is bad. Not only is it clear that he doesn’t understand Creative Commons, Dvorak admits that he hasn’t even seen the other side of the story. Well, I guess there are two types of bad journalists out there. Those that pretend to be give the whole story but don’t, and those that admit they have no clue what’s going on, don’t care, and drivel on anyway.

A blog!

A loooong time ago, Aliza suggested that I blog… well, here it is. There isn’t really anyone who would be interested in reading my blog regularly – for now – and I don’t even have much to say.

If I can get to be successful, I might post comments about it here so visitors can see what’s new on the site.

I might post my linguistics research/thoughts here… maybe other Penn people will read it.

I’m working on a few Mono/.NET projects (, including a virtual file system library, a file browser based on the library, and the Mono documentation tools. Once I get them all posted somewhere, I might write here about their progress.