SemWeb RDF Library for C#

Semantic Web/RDF Library for C#

I’ve just posted the first release of my SemWeb library, written in C# for Mono and .NET, at
* Simple API; easy to deploy; no platform-specific dependencies.
* Reading and writing RDF/XML, Turtle, NTriples, and most of Notation 3, at around 20,000 statements/second.
* All operations are streaming, so it should scale.
* Two built-in types of RDF stores: an in-memory hashtable-indexed store for small amounts of data and an SQL store with MySQL and SQLite backends for large amounts of data.
* Creating new SQL-based stores takes minutes, and implementing other types of stores is as simple as extending an abstract class.
* Statements are quads, rather than triples, with the fourth ‘meta’ field left for application-specific uses.
I’ve been using SemWeb to push around the 7 million triples created by
GovTrack (shameless plug).

Directory of C# Libraries

I had hoped to time the release of SemWeb with the debut of a new website I’m working on that will be a really great directory of Mono/.NET reusable, open source libraries. But, I need to get some other people’s libraries listed, besides my own, before finishing the site. If you’ve written a C# library that you think others would find useful, please let me know.

Bounty on bringing state legislative info to the semantic web

Taking the idea from the Gnome community, I’m placing a $150 bounty on the following programming project: Screen-scrape the website of a state legislature and put the information into XML or RDF so that it can be used on the semantic web. The code has to be released under an open-source-type license (and it must meet my personal satisfaction). It should parallel what I’ve done with federal legislative information. If you’re interested, join and post on the GovTrack mail list.

(They money comes from the advertising I have on GovTrack.)